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Greetings!  Join a workout at your earliest convenience.  Workouts are demanding & rewarding, teach hard work & mental toughness.   We work on getting better at ball handling, attack moves & shooting.

DC's Ultimate One-on-One Basketball Training

Skills Coach & Mentor

Opening Doors

Derrick Cross has dedicated his life to the sport of basketball.  As one of the toughest competitors to come out of Bloomington, he was highly acclaimed throughout his entire career for his tremendous defense, being a highly skilled & talented point guard, his ability to handle the rock, control the game, & his consistent free throw shooting.  He spent his childhood playing basketball day & night. During middle and high school, he lived near the Indiana University HPER, where he would play pick-up games with & against some of IU's best players during the 80's and 90's.  His expertise does not come from experience alone but also from specific training; studying the game and learning the art of coaching.  His extensive knowledge of the game & demanding workouts are quality & positive making his service unique and rewarding.  He takes pride in his teams and loves to watch players get better.  He is dedicated to their improvement as long as they are committed to hard work and putting forth 100% effort on and off the court. 

Player Growth & Development

A tailored training program fits the student-athlete, their knowledge, experience, maturity & ambition. 

Players are encouraged, nurtured, supported, inspired, confident, productive, healthy players who develop a clearer understanding of who they are & what they want to become & their future potential. Players emerge as fundamentally sound, mentally tough, well-rounded & strong teammates.  Together they focus on setting& achieving personal, player & team goals.  Players experience ongoing assessment & feedback, develop greater self-awareness & see the world, & themselves, as others do.  Players develop greater self-adjustment.  Players commit to hard work & consistency on & off the court.  Players develop a comprehensive Rating & Ranking Player Profile. 

Player’s recruitment, team placement & exposure is facilitated by DC.